Irrigation Services in Ankeny, IA

A properly installed and maintained irrigation system can be the key to unlocking your lawns full potential. However, it certainly doesn't come without challenges. Improperly set sprinkler heads, leaking pipes, or an inefficient watering schedule are not only a waste of water, but they directly impact your monthly expenses.

LawnOxygen provides complete irrigation system installation, certified backflow testing, irrigation start-up, maintenance, and winterization / shutdown of irrigation systems in Ankeny, Johnston, and Polk City. We are also a Certified Rachio Pro, which means we can install or upgrade your current irrigation controller to one of the best, most user-friendly wifi controllers available, giving you the power to control every aspect of your irrigation system from your smartphone.

Why choose LawnOxygen for your irrigation services?

Aside from our outstanding knowledge and service, LawnOxygen provides you the ability to bundle your irrigation service and lawn treatments together. This means less down-time for you. No need to take off work or change your schedule multiple times. No need to have one company flag your irrigation heads in the fall and another do the aeration. We do it all. It also means we are visiting your lawn throughout the season and can alert you of any potential irrigation problems while we are visiting for lawn care services.

Irrigation systems in Ankeny require a few things for peak efficiency and operation

Backflow testing -Most Iowa cities such as Ankeny, Johnston, and Polk City require all backflow devices be tested and inspected annually. The backflow preventer is in place to protect water supplies from contamination. LawnOxygen is backflow-tester certified so you can rest-assured that your device will be properly tested and that the required test report will be promptly provided to your water purveyor.

Startup -After ensuring proper backflow protection, we will start up the entire irrigation system and ensure everything is operating properly and make adjustments as needed. This includes checking all sprinkler heads for proper operation and coverage. We will also set up an efficient watering schedule to ensure your lawn receives the appropriate amount of water to keep it healthy throughout the season.

Winterization / shutdown -Winterizing your irrigation system in Iowa is necessary to prevent freeze damage. This process involves shutting down water to the outside, purging all water from the irrigation system, and protecting your backflow device. If not done properly, damage to the irrigation system and sprinkler heads will occur, resulting in costly repairs the following year.

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Key Benefits of the Service

Proper irrigation maintenance is one of the keys to maintaining a healthy lawn and water supply. A properly maintained irrigation system will provide your lawn with exactly the right amount of water resulting in reduced hassle, time savings, water conservation, money savings, and a lawn you and your family can enjoy.

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