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The first step to your new outdoor living space begins with vision and design. Oftentimes elaborate landscaping is hard to envision by words and thoughts alone, and that is just the problem our design process is meant to solve. LawnOxygen specializes in landscape design for both new construction and existing homes in Ankeny, IA and surrounding communities. Many times homeowners either have an idea in mind but aren't quite sure how it would look at their own home, or know that they need some landscaping but don't know where to start. Our landscape design process strives to deliver visual guidance on what landscaping options are available, no matter which situation you are in.

I have a vision, I think...

We've all been there. We see something we like and wonder what it would look like at our house. A patio would be nice here, but... It would be great to have a firepit over there, or maybe here instead... How would this look? What about...  These are exactly the answers we try to answer during our landscape design process. We wouldn't want to start a project "hoping that we like it when it's done", and we don't expect our clients to either. Knowing what the completed project will look like is important. At LawnOxygen, we can create 2D landscape renderings as well as designs directly on top of imagery of your property. 2D designs certainly have their place, but have you ever received a design and thought, well this looks good on paper, but what is it ACTUALLY going to look like? An offering that differentiates us from much of the competition is that we hold an Unmanned Aircraft (drone) Pilots license from the FAA which allows us to take aerial imagery of your property and use these photos in the design process. We believe this to be the best way to visualize EXACTLY what your future landscape will look like, and our landscaping clients tend to agree.

Contact us today to see how our central Iowa landscape design services can help you visualize your new outdoor space. If you're viewing this on our phone, give us a call and we can talk through your needs with you!



Key Benefits of the Service

Going into projects blind can lead to disasters and delays. Having a vision of what your project will look like is extremely important and sets expectations of both parties. Landscaping is a great way to boost curb appeal and increase value, and quality design is the first step in the process.

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"What is seen by the eye is transformed and colored by the vision of the mind." - Robert Wade
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